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Gorgeous email newsletters. Content creation. Blog management. Social media management. Online marketing strategy. Graphic design.

Ready to upgrade your real estate marketing?

Are you an agent or broker?

I can help your Firm maintain relationships with prospective, current and past clients.

Trust me, I understand. In real estate, it's simply not enough to add your contacts in a database. It's all about creating relationships, personal ones. Clients are busy, fickle and anxious about making one of the biggest investments on their lives. Relationship management is not only important--it's key to driving referrals, getting repeat business and extending your reach online.

There are a finite number of hours each day and it’s tough wearing multiple hats. It’s something that plagues all real estate agents and brokers.

Here's where I come in. Why not outsource your online marketing to someone who's been working in real estate marketing for 5+ years? Time is money, after all.

My goal is to manage your company's online real estate marketing efforts so you can focus on what you do best!

Do you have an effective online marketing strategy in place? Are you sending out email newsletters on a consistent basis? Are you creating new and informative content for your audience to share? If your real estate marketing isn’t making the best first impression it possibly can, I'll get you set up with a game plan.

You know what you want and I know how to do it. My real estate marketing expertise will help grow your business, which will allow you to put more time into your real estate business. And wear fewer hats, of course.

Here's what you get with my monthly
Real Estate Marketing Packages

Linkedin Management

LinkedIn is the best platform to generate real estate leads. Simple as that. I create, publish and share unique content. Not only that, I help you keep in touch with potential leads and referrals.

Content Creation

Drive traffic to your real estate website by creating unique, shareable content for your customers. Is there an specific target market or demographic you'd like to focus on? I can help you create the right content for that niche.

Email Newsletters

Keep in touch with past, current and future clients by scheduling bi-monthly newsletters. I will help you experiment with your messaging through A/B testing, and will create the entire newsletter on your behalf. Best of all, it'll look good too.

Graphic Design

Make the right impression with your clients with gorgeous design. Not only will they know you take online marketing seriously, but they'll rely on you to promote their properties in the same standards.

Social Media Management

Does social media scare you? You can rest assured that your company will be well represented in the online world. Social media management enables you to promote your real estate business to a wider audience. And I'll help you get there.

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We have a few questions for you:

Are You Too Busy To Supervise And Train Someone In-House?

One of the many benefits of hiring a consultant to manage your online marketing is that there is low-risk involved. Often times, agents spend many hours training and supervising a marketing associate, only to find that they ultimately move on to another job. This problem won’t happen when you outsource your marketing work to an independent consultant.

BONUS: There’s not added cost of what you would pay an employee, such as a salary with benefits!

Does Your Social Media Drive Your Marketing Strategy?

Sure, you have a Facebook and Twitter page, but does it all point to the same place? Are you publishing content on a consistent basis? Many times, agents secure all the appropriate social media handles for their businesses, yet they don’t create an itemized list of what to publish where. For example, what kind of content is more shareable on on LinkedIn versus Facebook? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then that’s where I come in.

How Can Consistent Email Newsletters Generate Referrals and Leads?

I’ve had many real estate clients throughout my career, and they all agreed that email newsletters were important for their business. The difference between these clients is that they each have a different philosophy when it came to the timing of sending out email newsletters. In short, each agent had their own response to “How much is too much?” when it comes to publishing email newsletters. At the end of the day, all that matters is the numbers of sales and referrals. And guess what? The agent that made an effort to publish email newsletters on a consistent basis made more revenue in sales. This agent was also more popular, and had a wider network.

Relationship management is important, especially nowadays as buyers and sellers are inundated with real estate agents looking to connect online and offline. So how do you stand out? What’s your unique approach?

Here’s the short answer: Sharing information and staying in touch. Email newsletters are the best means of doing just that.

Do you use LinkedIn consistently, effectively, and strategically as part of your marketing?

Many agents tend to underutilize the promotional tools that LinkedIn offers. After all, it is the “unofficial” social media site for professionals, right? Many just skip ahead and focus on Facebook or Twitter. And that’s a big mistake.

Think about it: What could be more targeted than a network of ambitious professionals to promote your agency and market your properties to?

I can help you publish unique content to targeted groups, while building on network. The more focus on LinkedIn, the bigger your network gets--both offline and online.

Mastering LinkedIn For Real Estate Marketing Success

Social media has changed the way that we communicate, work, and play. For those who are involved in real estate, it’s important not to overlook social media and …

Monthly Packages Offered

  • Small Business

    $ 799 mo
    • LinkedIn account management
      • Sharing and promoting content
    • Content Writing
      • 2 blog posts a month
      • 400 words or less per post
    • Online Newsletter
      • 2 newsletter send-outs
      • Includes A/B testing
    • Graphic Design
      • 2 Feature images
    • Social Media Marketing
      Content Sharing & Promoting On Your Social Networks

  • Professional

    $ 2,899 mo
    • LinkedIn account management
      • Sharing and promoting content
    • Content Writing
      • 8 blog posts a month
      • 500 words or less per post
    • Online Newsletter
      • 5 newsletter send-outs
      • Includes A/B testing
    • Graphic Design
      • 8 Feature images
    • Social Media Marketing
      Content Sharing & Promoting On Your Social Networks
      Handles include: , , and

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